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Who is Abdul Masoud?

By Maison Numen

“I love designing and building jali screens. It is a particularly elegant and beautiful Afghan carving tradition. My hope is that we can bring Afghanistan’s traditional arts and rich culture to the world.”

This is the story of a man who fled his country at the age of ten, but later went back to continue the work of his carpenter father, and became a Jali master.


Abdul Massoud was born in Kabul in 1982, when the Taliban seized power. His family moved to Pakistan shortly after due to the regime’s strict prohibition on traditional crafts, which left his father – a highly skilled carpenter – out of business.


After returning home, he finished high school and began a career in Afghan Arts and Architecture. He learned the art of jali screen making under an acclaimed master who once worked for the late King Zahir Shah.


The Jali Tray takes inspiration from Afghanistan’s traditional architecture and the intricate walnut wood window shutters that are on every house – letting the breeze and dappled sunlight into the home.


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