A beautiful object dazzles us. A flawless technique moves us. An honest story brings us closer to mankind. A Maison Numen object is the perfect mix of beauty, technique and tradition.
Create meaningful moments with your friends, give objects with soul.

our philosophy

“At Maison Numen we want to find connections. What connects us with tradition, with culture, with our own human nature”

Our Philosophy 1

Jessica Macias, Co-Founder and CEO.


We travel around the world looking for highly skilled makers and innovative designers who preserve their cultural identity adapting it to contemporary life. From a statement centerpiece in iconic Barro Negro from Oaxaca, to modern ceramics crafted in England with traditional Japanese techniques, our pieces tell the story of the people who make them. We relate to the object from an anthropological standpoint, identifying with the culture and individuals who produce these precious pieces. We want to tell the story behind the object, the traditional techniques used to make them and the cultural background that make each piece.


Maison Numen is all about a new concept of luxury where provenance and savoir faire are in the front and center of our curatorial process. As an intermediary between the maker and the customer we are not only concerned with the quality of the object, but also the transparency of its production. ‘A Maison Numen object is a soulful piece; an object with vitality; with a rich past and a long future ahead. It’s design- it’s culture – it’s history.’


Maison numen Our Philosophy.