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Alpaca Cape

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This Alpaca Cape from Sol Alpaca is handwoven from 100% alpaca fiber. Spun on a traditional Andean hand loom, modeled on a design imported by the Spanish when they first arrived in Peru. The hand loom is just a recent iteration in what is a long line of weaving techniques practiced in the Andes, and contemporary weavers being the bearers of this rich and varied heritage.

Alpaca fibers are extremely fine, strong and resilient to many of life’s hardships, making them extremely valuable; only Incan royalty was permitted to wear alpaca prior to the Spanish conquest, with the material being worth more than gold.

Product Dimensions

W: 51.18x L: 62.99 inches


Gray and Natural


Alpaca Fiber

Made In



Sol Alpaca

Sol Alpaca made this Alpaca Cape from the finest alpaca fibers. The company has worked to sustain the rich heritage of Andean weaving since it was founded in 1931. They do this by blending their traditional knowledge with the latest technology. They create products inspired both by their rich heritage and contemporary design.

Sol Alpaca source and process animal fibers that are only found in the Andes, such as alpaca and vicuña. They also work to maintain and develop Peru’s environmental, economical and cultural wealth. They invest in local projects and maintain the rugged mountainous terrain of the Andes.

Incas valued alpaca fibers very highly, and only allowed emperors to wear them. This is due to the amazing properties the fibers possess. They are hollow, and thus a wonderful thermal insulator. This also makes them very light, but doesn’t reduce their strength. They are also flame retardant, water repellent and hypoallergenic. Alpaca fibers are also more sustainable than other animal or synthetic fibers. This is because farmers collect them every year without harming the animal. Alpaca are a key part of their environment, and maintain the land through grazing.

Sol Alpaca creates annual collections, which are as sophisticated as they are homely. Their products include men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, homewares and more. Fariba Heydari designs each of Sol Alpaca’s collections. A worldwide fashion icon, Heydari splits her time between Europe, Asia and the Americas. Her designs are at the cutting edge of global tastes, year after year.

Sol Alpaca products, like this alpaca cape, are the perfect statement pieces, and will last a lifetime if cared for properly. With their rich history, tasteful looks and regal feel, they are a must for modern life.


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