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Beige Olinala Round Tray

$129.00|Made in Mexico


This Olinala Round Tray is handmade by skilled artisans in Olinalá, in Mexico’s Guerrero state. Lacquer is a long-lived local tradition in Olinalá, inspired by Asian examples and informed by indigenous crafts. The pieces are created through various stages, beginning life as a simple block of wood. Designs are carved out of this wood in relief, with the lacquer then filling the hollowed portions. The lacquer is made from a mixture of plant-based binders (such as chia oil and cotton fiber) and natural pigments (such as limestone, quartz or a local mineral called tecoxtle). Once mixed, the lacquer is applied using indigenous tools such as deer tails or turkey feathers, each of which has a specialized role. The resulting pieces are beautiful examples of Mexican art, as well as being useful additions to any home.

It has a time frame of 6 weeks to ship the piece.

Product Dimensions

D: 13.78x H: 0.20 inches


Beige and White


Wood Lacquer

Made In



Alicia D'Core

This Beige Olinala Round Tray is handmade by artisans from Olinalá, in Mexico’s Guerrero state.

Olinalá is famous throughout Mexico for the fine wood lacquers it produces. These are some of the country’s oldest crafts, tracing its roots back to Asian inspirations. The skills and techniques involved, however, trace back further to ancient indigenous cultures.

Olinalá is one of three towns in Guerrero that makes lacquers, and is the namesake of the tradition. Olinalá lacquer begins with the hollowing out of wood pieces. This process involves creating reliefs of the designs, into which the lacquer will be applied. Artisans make the lacquer from plant materials such as chia oil and cotton fiber. Alongside these, they also use quartz, limestone, and a local yellow mineral known as tecoxtle. Once the mixture is complete, artisans apply it using traditional tools such as deer tails, turkey feathers, and plant spines. Different tools are used for different kinds of lacquers. The designs are often of mythical figures and traditional motifs, and can take days to create. Moreover, the techniques needed to produce them can take years to master. The resulting pieces are beautiful, useful objects that embody modern Mexico in their cultural synthesis and stylistic refinement.

The Alicia D’Core Studio began life in 2015, and seeks to create contemporary pieces using ancient techniques and traditional values. They work with artisanal communities in Olinalá, collaborating with them to produce perfectly balanced pieces. They are passionate about maintaining traditional crafts, and always follow fair trade practices. An Alicia D’Core piece is both a unique piece of Mexican history and a wonderful example of contemporary design.

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    It is a very delicate tray for a dream table.

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