Chiapas Huipil Pillow Covers “S”

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These gorgeous Chiapas Huipil Pillow Covers “S” is handmade and hand decorated by talented artisans in Chiapas, Mexico. These cushion cover is made from a cutout of huipil fabric handwoven on a strapback loom.

These cushion covers are made from cutouts of huipile textile, handwoven by indigenous women from Chiapas who have ingeniously converted their gorgeous fabric into homeware that will liven any room. Huipil, from the Nahuatl word “huīpīlli”, is the most common form of female traditional dress found in the Mayan heartlands of Central America.”

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Loom and Huipile Textile

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This gorgeous Chiapas Huipil Pillow Covers “S” is handmade and hand decorated by talented artisans in Chiapas, Mexico. The delicate brocading is not simply aesthetically pleasing, but also culturally significant. Each piece tells a cosmological story, recreating traditional myths in a form that has been passed down through generations.

This ‘huilipe’ (blouse or dress) is a strong marker of cultural identity, with each village having its own unique designs and colors. Artisans traditionally invoked the goddess Ixchel, guardian of weavers, when creating such pieces. This ensured they were able to get divine inspiration and maintain their perfection whilst crafting. For Mayans today, the huilipe is a rich source of cultural memory, and worn with pride.

Craft communities cherish and love their huilipes, as do keen collectors around the world.

The state of Chiapas, bordering Guatemala, is famous for its archeological riches, natural diversity and cultural heritage. Unique Mayan archeological sites dot the lush, jungle covered highlands. Alongside these are the gorgeously colorful colonial towns that the Spanish built, with traditional architecture and cobbled streets. There is also an abundance of wildlife unique to the region, and stunning gorges and mountains to explore. Despite all this wealth, the true soul of Chiapas resides in the cultures that call the state home. Indigenous communities have long practiced their unique traditions, adapting to new influences but not losing their roots. These pillow covers is a beautiful example of Mayan cultural heritage, preserved through generations and adapted to contemporary life.


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    Incredibly they fit perfect with my minimalist living room, i just cant stop staring at them!

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