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Diamond Brown Cotton Pillow Cover

$99.00|Made in Brazil


Experience the artistry of Berilo artisans with Maison Numen’s Brazilian Cotton Pillow Cover. Meticulously crafted, these pillow covers are a testament to the remarkable skill of artisans who expertly overlay threads to create intricate designs inspired by their community’s domestic universe. Made from soft cotton and adorned with organic dyes, each piece is a blend of tradition and sustainability, adding a touch of cultural authenticity and artistry to your living space.

Product Dimensions

L: 19.69x W: 19.69 inches


Canvas and White


100% Cotton

Made In



Brazilian Artisans

Introducing our exquisite Diamond Brown Cotton Pillow Cover, handcrafted by skilled artisans from Berilo, located in the heart of a mining region. Moreover, with a rich heritage steeped in tradition and artistry, these craftsmen expertly transform cotton threads into a wide range of exceptional creations, such as hammocks, quilts, bags, table runners, pillows, and various home decor products.

This labor of love involves carding, spinning, dyeing, and weaving cotton threads with meticulous care. Additionally, one unique aspect of their craft is the use of two types of cotton: the natural tones of arboreal cotton and the rare caramel-shaded “ganga.” Consequently, these fibers come to life with distinct colors, sourced from local plants such as angico, jenipapo, tingui, mango bark, and mulberry, infusing the Brown Cotton Pillow Cover with vibrant and unique hues.

What distinguishes these Berilo artisans is their remarkable ability to overlay threads, thus creating intricate traditional designs inspired by their community’s domestic life. As a result, houses, birds, and various elements come to life in high relief, all meticulously handcrafted without the use of molds. Furthermore, their artistry reflects their memories, dreams, and the essence of their past and future, all woven into every artisan-made piece.

For generations, cotton manipulation and weaving have been integral to the daily lives of women in the communities of Roça Grande. As they work, songs and verses fill the air, harmonizing with the rhythmic beat of pestles grinding seeds and fruits for dyeing. Consequently, through these songs and cotton, knowledge is passed down, connecting generations and preserving cultural heritage, which is fundamental to the weaving tradition.

In the past, weaving was a collective effort, with families, godmothers, and neighbors each contributing their part. Threads were provided by one group, spun by another, and woven by yet another, with the resulting products and earnings shared equally among all. However, today, around six weavers continue this age-old tradition, with production dynamics becoming more individual while still upholding the collaborative spirit that defines the Diamond Brown Cotton Pillow Cover.

Join us in celebrating the artistry and heritage of Berilo with our Diamond Brown Cotton Pillow Cover, a testament to the enduring craftsmanship and cultural significance of this unique community.


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