Mayan Cup Jicara Shell Set

$119.00|4 pieces|Made in Mexico


“El vaso Maya” represents the union of heaven and earth, which in Mayan cosmology is embodied in the rain deity, Chaak. Chaak filled a jícara with water and thus fertilized the earth, allowing life to spring forth. The religious centrality of the jícara is carried into the Mayan kitchen, where it is used as versatile for many different ingredients. The natural resilience of the wood allows jícaras to hold any number of substances, and their cultivation, harvesting, and crafting was a central element of Mayan economy. Whilst their use has receded due to the spread of modern materials, Region is working to once again popularize this wonderful product.
This set includes  4 Jicaras cups with 4 wooden cup holders.

Product Dimensions

D: 2.95x H: 1.97 inches


Brown and Cream


Gourd Shell, Katalox Wood and Mayan Cream Marble

Made In




This Mayan Cup Jicara Shell Set takes inspiration from the Mayan crafts and culture of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Traditionally trained artisans made this cup by hand in collaboration with Region.
Region is a brand built on a passion for discovery and development and is always seeking to redefine the known and highlight the unexpected.

They work closely with the highly skilled artisans who produce their pieces. By doing this, they create products that embody both tradition and contemporary culture.
As well as these influences, they like to infuse their pieces with a dash of the unexpected, with magical results. Region is passionate about its ethical and environmental responsibilities. Because of this, they work to ensure fair trade practices and sustainability goals.

Region’s latest collection explores the harshness of nature, the bounty of the earth’s resources and the wonder of ancient Mayan techniques to overcome the former and attain the latter. Many experts consider Maya art to be the most sophisticated and beautiful of any ancient New World culture. This is because there are many styles and techniques which distinguish Maya art from other MesoAmerican examples. By combining mythology, reality and a unique style, each piece tells a story. Popular Maya art forms included monumental architecture, stone sculptures, wood carvings, painted ceramics, and stucco models. They also include complex fine jewelry made from precious metals and stones and body decorations such as tattoos.

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    This set of cups and plates are too original and have a very significant story that I loved.

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    I’ve used these for snack serving a few times when I have friends come over. They’re brilliant!

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    Omg I’m super happy with this cups! Lovely rustic and well packed.

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