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Sololá Fuchsia Placemat Set


|6 pieces|Made in Guatemala


This beautiful fuchsia placemat set is made from 100% cotton and handwoven on a backstrap loom. Each set is one of a kind, created by a cooperative of skilled artisans in Guatemala. Located in Solola, near lake Atitlan, this community is formed of three generations of female weavers, who work collaboratively to produce these unique pieces. Combining brilliant purples, turquoises, oranges, pinks, reds, and blacks differently in each set, the women infuse their rich cultural heritage in all their pieces. The spirit of Guatemalan crafts flows through this beautiful pink placemat set and will light up any home.

Besides, the fuchsia placemat set is the best Christmas gift for a girlfriend because our loved ones deserve the stunning pieces every holiday. Something so symbolic as a decor item should have a touching story, timeless style, and a connection with its new owner to be known as a meaningful present.

Product Dimensions

L: 17.72x W: 11.81 inches





Made In



Guatemalan Artisans

The Sololá Fuchsia Placemat Set was handwoven by skilled Guatemalan artisans on a traditional backstrap loom. Artisans have used backstrap looms throughout Central America since pre-Colombian times. These simple yet ingenious tools are much smaller than pedal looms, and consist mostly of string, sticks and a strap. The strap loops around the waist of weaver, which is where the backstrap loom gets its name.

In use, the weaver ties one end of the loom to a tree or pole and maintains tension by pulling back on the strap on the other end. The weaver usually sits on the ground or on a bench whilst working, with the woven fabric moving away from them as they progress. Because of this, the weaver is said to be ‘giving birth’ to the fabric. Due to being simple and portable, the backstrap loom is much more versatile than other weaving tools. This, however, also means that they are not able to produce large pieces of fabric.

For generations, women from Aguas Calientes, in Guatemala, have woven traditional garments using backstrap looms. They often brocade these pieces, like this Sololá Fuchsia Placemat Set with intricate designs, which tell mythical tales. Diamonds represent to the shape of the earth and sky, while undulating lines symbolize fertility and natural abundance. Three vertical lines represent ancestral figures, and there are often depictions of the rain god who watches over creation.


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