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Salone del Mobile’s highlights according to our founder Jessica Macias

Jessica Macías, CEO & Founder of Maison Numen

Salone del Mobile Milano is the largest event of its kind; it has a great impact on the city and it invites locals and design enthusiasts from around the globe to immerse themselves in the world of decor.
Great brands like Hermes, Airbnb, Louis Vuitton, and even small street craftsmen show with the greatest pride their creations around the event. There is so much to see; there are 300,000 international visitors exploring more than 1300 exhibitions. I decided to visit a few fairs and displays to enjoy what I was seeing and not overwhelm with information. From what I could visit, I really liked the following designers, brands, craftsmen:
1. Designer Paul Cocksedge: I loved his proposal for this year, especially for the story behind these objects. This designer had to leave his studio because the owners of the building decided to destroy it to build another residential project. After hearing about this, he dug out all the walls and floor of his studio, and with these materials, he built spectacular, one-of-a-kind, contemporary tables. His work is so rare and exceptional. The fact that he had to abandon his studio and no longer had a place to work, but he transformed his situation into art, is what truly captivates me. He managed to turn these materials that were about to be discarded into part of his craft, that’s admirable.
More info can be found at paulcocksedgestudio.com
Salone del Mobile's highlights according to our founder Jessica Macias 2
Images courtesy of Friedman Benda
2. Airbnb, La Passegiatta: This exhibition took place in the house where Leonardo da Vinci lived while painting  The Last Supper. The house and its gardens are already a must to visit in Milan.
Particular handmade objects, mainly of European design, decorated this house. Murano glass vases, wooden carved objects, impeccable contemporary pieces; it was all placed to be seen along a pleasant walk that also invited you to interact.
Salone del Mobile's highlights according to our founder Jessica Macias 3
3. Le Refuge by Marc Ange, on The invisible collection at the Wallpaper handmade exhibition: I loved that garden oasis that you could wander through, and when you finished your walk it took you to a beautiful bed with handmade palm trees. This proposal made me travel to my favorite place: the beach. I thought about my roots. I connected with my femininity and how much I like to sleep, I connected with this proposal in all senses.
Salone del Mobile's highlights according to our founder Jessica Macias 4

Salone del Mobile's highlights according to our founder Jessica Macias 5

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