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Fiona Leahy

Fiona Leahy

Fiona Leahy curated a delightful dinner setting with her favourite Maison Numen pieces in her London home. She has earned a stellar reputation for her unique style, keen eye for detail and sumptuous spreads, with happy clients from diverse walks of life around the world. Each of her designs is a unique and personalised work of art, specific to the event and perfectly calibrated to create the perfect ambience. Going against the normative minimalist grain of contemporary interior design tastes, Fiona is a committed maximalist: favouring more vibrancy, more life and more zest over less every time. Taking inspiration from Dutch Masters, Renaissance classics and the opulent fashions of Imperial era Europe, Fiona’s work is instantly recognisable for its organic splendour, intimate ambience and inviting feel. With her selection from our collection, Fiona set about creating the perfect setting for a dinner party in her regal North London home and invited us over to see the results. Unsurprisingly, we were left longing for a dinner party of her own!




| 6 pieces set |


| 5 Pieces |


| 6 Pieces |


My top tip for achieving intimate ambience for your home is candles. We all need more candles in our lives: the warmth of their light, the cosiness they create and the way they make any food taste better are why they always have a place in my home.


| 18 pieces set |


| 16 pieces set |




| 3 pieces set |

The Florentine Tray is my new favourite way to serve breakfast in bed! When not enjoying breakfast on it, I think it would work fantastically as a centrepiece for the dining table: loaded with tea lights it brings a simple but opulent feel to any meal.

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