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Amazonian Fiber Tray VI


|Made in Venezuela


This Amazonian tirite fiber tray with geometric designs was handwoven by Piaroa men of the Venezuelan Amazon. Basketry is often considered a functional art due to the duality of baskets as both cultural artifacts and functional quotidian objects. Due to this duality, baskets can be found in both museum displays and daily use, depending on the location and implementation of the owners.


These pieces are emblematic of the shared function that the craft enjoys: produced for utilitarian purposes, they are also valuable products of a fascinating culture.

Product Dimensions

18.11 x inches


Brown and Natural


Tirite Fiber

Made In



Piaroa people

From the profane to the sacred, weaving is an instrumental means through which Amazonian people create objects.

Amazonian trays come in many shapes, sizes, and designs, and are evidence of how culturally diverse the region is. People use trays in many different ways, and they are an important part of daily life. This diversity of use is largely due to the amazing versatility of trays. The basic tray design can be found around the world. It has been developed by most cultures, using materials that are locally available. This gorgeous Amazonian Fiber Tray is handwoven by Piaroa craftswomen.

Venezuela’s tropical rainforest is rich with natural diversity, providing indigenous communities with plenty of materials for their crafts. Artisans use bamboo, lianas, straws and palm fronds to weave a wide number of objects. These include trays, baskets, bowls and musical instruments. Weaving is not just about creating objects, but also a way for artisans to practice and express their culture.

Today, we consider basketry a functional art. This is because trays are both cultural artifacts and useful everyday objects. Because of this, you can find trays in both museums and homes, as display pieces and as items for daily use. In the case of trays, imagination is, truly, the limit.

The versatility of Amazonian trays make them the perfect addition to any home. This is because they are functional, beautiful and have a rich cultural heritage. You can use them, admire them, or both. Keep them in your home, or in your garden. Whether you use them for form or for function, your home is not complete without one of these pieces.


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