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Lamego Ceramic Salad Plate Set

$92.00|4 pieces|Made in Portugal


Bring the beauty of Portuguese tiles home with the Lamego ceramic salad plate set from Costa Nova. The hand painted designs on this plate set evoke the classic, colorful facades of 18th century Portuguese homes, and are perfect for entertaining family and friends for some alfresco summer dining. The Lamego Ceramic Salad Plate Set matches well with simple tableware, accenting the setting in a uniquely Portuguese way. Each set consists of 4 ceramic patterned plates.

Costa Nova is a brand dedicated to manufacturing high quality, artisanal stoneware from responsibly sourced Portuguese materials in an environmentally sustainable way. Their products are timelessly tasteful, endlessly versatile and made to last.

This product is only available for sale in the United States.

Product Dimensions

D: 8.50x H: 1.10 inches


Green, Blue and White


Fine stoneware

Made In



Costa Nova

Infuse your home with some tasteful foreign flavor with this beautiful ceramic salad plate set from Costa Nova. Hand made by skilled Portuguese artisans, this piece’s timeless style is the perfect accent for your summer table setting, and is sure to draw compliments.


Costa Nova is a small fishing village in Northern Portugal that has been a popular destination since the 19th century. Visitors are enchanted by streets of brightly painted houses, the gorgeous coastline, and fish fresh from the boat. They are also captivated by the fine ceramics that are traditionally produced there – especially those of the Costa Nova brand. Inspired by the village’s rich heritage, the Costa Nova brand combines ancient craft traditions with contemporary design and the best local materials. The result is some of the finest stoneware available, like these ceramic patterned plates. Popular with luxury hotels and high-end restaurants around the world; Costa Nova ceramics have a strong reputation for longevity, quality, and beauty.


These Costa Nova ceramic patterned plates are crafted with precision and care by skilled artisans, before being fired once at 1180ºC (2160ºF). This single firing creates a strong, vibrant glaze with the perfect balance of resilience and clarity. Costa Nova’s excellent quality control ensures that only the best pieces leave the workshop and enter your home.


Costa Nova is committed to becoming a more sustainable brand. It produces its pieces in facilities that use solar panels, and has perfected its single firing process as a way to reduce environmental impact. Alongside this, Costa Nova also focus on reducing water consumption and only use recycled or recyclable packaging. The brand also believes that the most sustainable tableware is that which will last generations. This is why Costa Nova make their pieces strong, long lasting and versatile.

The Lamego Ceramic Salad Plate Set from Costa Nova is microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe. Use in conventional ovens is not recommended. Despite its heat-resistant abilities, this item is not resistant to sudden thermal shock. As a result, you should avoid subjecting it to quick temperature changes (such as putting hot parts in cold areas, or in contact with water).

This product is only available for sale in the United States.


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    This set has a beautiful shade of green and the details on the plates are magnificent.

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    It arrives in perfect condition, I’m really happy with my purchase, thanks!

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