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Yellow Ritual Pillow Cover

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This wonderful yellow ritual pillow cover comes from Puna, a Peruvian company that sources unique and tasteful examples of the country’s rich craft traditions. Puna upholds fair trade standards, ensure environmental sustainability and maintain cultural heritage through their work. This piece has a rich wool front and pure cotton back and is a unique synthesis of traditional hand weaving techniques and modern forms. The result is a wool cushion cover that embodies the past, appeals to the present and works to build a brighter future.

Product Dimensions

L:45 x W:45 cm


Yellow, Light Gray, Metal Gray, Powder Blue and Light Pink


Sheep Wool and Cotton

Made In



Puna Lima

Puna studio designed the Yellow Ritual Pillow Cover. The artist and designer Yerko Zlatar teamed up with interior designer Mariana Otero to create the brand. Based in the Andean city of Cusco, they work to promote traditional crafts and ancestral techniques – both in Peru and internationally. The company now collaborates with highly skilled artisans, focusing on design pieces that are contemporary in taste, but rich with cultural heritage. Moreover, Puna strives to maintain its environmental and ethical record. They practice responsible sourcing, use sustainable production methods, and only create high quality pieces that are made to last.

Humans, all around the world, have weaved since the dawn of history. As such, significance and meaning have been invested in the art by all its diverse practitioners. Whether an allegory of life, a sacred ritual or a distinguisher of cultural status: weaving has been an important element of human social evolution everywhere around the world. Puna recognizes this importance, and seeks to promote the unique traditions they encounter.

Today’s Peruvian culture is a fusion of Amerindian traditions and Asian, African and European influences. The nation’s earliest art dates back to pre Inca cultures, who produced elaborate pottery, textiles, jewelry and sculptures. The Inca maintained and developed these traditions. Moreover, they used them in achieving their fabulous architectural projects, such as Machu Picchu. When Spanish colonizers arrived, they rejected and marginalized indigenous art. However, while Baroque dominated colonial Peru, indigenous influences crept in. The many religious works are a testament to the way in which indigenous tastes influenced colonial views. Peruvian art changed again in the 20th century, with the development of the ‘indigenismo’ movement. This explored indigenous expression, and elevated pre-colonial art back to the place that it belonged.

This pillow cover does not include its cushion filler.


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