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Home Decor Trends to Know for Fall

Add seasonal flair to your home decor while keeping it conscious, cozy, wabi-sabi. We set out to crack this season’s key trends, and help you prepare for an unforgettable fall and winter.

Nothing keeps us going through the last quarter of the year like surrounding ourselves with beautiful objects, good people, and meaningful traditions. If you’re suddenly fantasizing about apple picking with your family, flower arranging for your Día de los Muertos altar, or just redecorating your home so it matches the upcoming days of hosting, and dining, late-night-chatting, and dancing, we have thoughts that we’d like to share with you.


Invest in Elemental Comfort

Gray wool throw living room.


While pumpkin-related posts might be invading your Instagram feed and Pinterest boards, and don’t get us wrong, those tiny white pumpkins really are cute, cozy throws and comfy cushions begin to appear more frequently in stylish homes as focus shifts back to indoor living.


Give hints of true comfort in your house with handmade throws and fluffy pillows like the ones that are handmade by talented Mexican artisans from Colorindio.


Focus on Crafted Simplicity

Home decor trends to know for fall.


Simple designs, smooth lines, and natural materials have been building up to turn into quite a hype this fall. It all started with the big rattan and wicker weaves frenzy, popular on chairs, baskets, and lampshades. People connected with them during the pandemic because they added warmth and an organic/Mediterranean look to all sorts of rooms.


The next hotter than hot material: raw terracotta in unexpected objects and places.


The spring oven is as much a kitchen item as it is a gorgeous home decor piece. We see it as fancy designer bakeware that is worth using and bragging about.


Embrace Imperfection

Embrace imperfection with handmade pieces.


Our hearts are collectively craving for anything that suggests handmade, human touch, connectivity. So aim for pieces like the tamegroute green candlestick holders, that show through uneven shades and organic shapes that the hand of an artisan gave birth to your candelabra.


These are great for romantic dinners, beautiful altars, or just really great, meaningful home decor.


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