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When glass met rattan and seagrass

We’re living in a raw materials world, let’s make it sleek

Remember your childhood vacations, when sunburn wasn’t so bad, high temperatures didn’t feel that sticky and Wi-Fi wasn’t a must? If you close your eyes and try to picture them, you probably see rattan in the background.


Rattan was a decorative trend that hit hard between the 50s and 60s. We are used to seeing it in old pictures of cool beach houses on the California coast, but now it is back, rattan is everywhere. Call it nostalgia fever or a love affair with everything natural, but this material is here to stay… and evolve.


Chairs, tables, lamps, these we had all seen made in rattan, until Kiss That Frog came along. A family-founded business located in the lively heart of Berkeley, decided to mix the organic nature of rattan with the modern sleek possibilities of glass. The result? The stunning Rattan Collection which includes rattan tumblers, rattan salad bowls, even cage pitchers covered with rattan.


That incredible ability to reinvent objects in creative and innovative ways made Kiss That Frog create Indochine Collection, a beautiful line where -trend alert- seagrass is the protagonist.


Kiss That Frog follow artisanal and sustainable production processes that bring to life décor pieces for both indoor and outdoor dining. The best of all? Rattan or seagrass, these eco-friendly objects will infuse tropical vibes to any atmosphere!


Rattan cage carafe vase product picture.   Large seagrass wine glass set product picture.   Large rattan cage salad bowl product picture.


Seagrass cage pitcher product picture.   Seagrass cage tumbler set details.   Rattan cage pitcher product picture.

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