A beautiful object dazzles us. A flawless technique moves us. An honest story brings us closer to mankind. A Maison Numen object is the perfect mix of beauty, technique and tradition.
Create meaningful moments with your friends, give objects with soul.

Peaceful studio of handcrafted products

Photo Essay

A visit to Ana Gomez’ Mexico City atelier reintroduced us to the wonders of working with your hands. The process of forming handcrafted products from organic matter, with fingers and palms molding hitherto unseen shapes. Meanwhile, the craftspeople holding helm at the spinning potter’s wheel enjoy this meditative process on a daily basis; a practice of passion and peace.


The studio is separated into two spaces, with artisans working in one and ARTA – a collective of which Ana Gomez is a member – in the other. Craftspeople carefully decorate handcrafted products in the delicate flowered patterns of the iconic Talavera style; gently winding organic swirls of cobalt under a milky glaze. In the adjacent space, artists collaborate at the cutting edge of ceramic arts and design; above all, the room vibrates with creative energy, fueling the ongoing work.


While music plays in the background, sunshine filtering through and the skylights in the ceiling; the passion, creativity, and calm emanate from all those working here.


In conclusion, after this visit, there is just one question left: Can we stay here forever?

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