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The art of table styling by María de los Ángeles

Jessica Macias

From floral decorations to color psychology, María de los Ángeles shares her tips to create the perfect table setting from scratch .

María de los Ángeles, aka @infinitopositivo, is a genius on the art of table styling. We had the opportunity to talk with her about her passion:  table setting and floral decor. 


Keep reading and take note of her tips to make a table go from zero to reels material.


What is your favorite occasion for styling a table?



Breakfasts. I feel you can explore your creativity on the table because you can fill it with color and the protocol is a little more flexible. So, when it comes to setting a table, I love breakfasts.


Now that you mention color, tell us, what is your favorite color to style a table?


All colors are my favorites. I use them according to the occasion and the emotion I want to transmit. That’s because I believe in color psychology.


Which is your favorite dinnerware piece?



Lately, tablecloths. I never used tablecloths because I thought they were very boring, but now they are a must for me!


Which is your favorite part of table styling?


The design process. Designing from the main idea, thinking about the story I want to tell through the table, and the floral art that matches.


I think all aspects are important because they complement each other, so taking care of details and designing everything that goes well on top of the table is my passion.


A flash recap? 


Here is a list of María’s tips, and our product recommendations to styling your table like a pro:


Tip #1 think in color


A Yellow Ceramic Oil Bottle could be the touch of color your breakfast table needs, don’t you think so?


Yellow ceramic oil bottle



Tip #2, never underestimate the power of a tablecloth


A hand woven tablecloth for Mexico is the perfect canvas to start the table styling.





Tip #3, don’t forget the flowers


…and the vase, now you have that table centerpiece everybody’s talking about!




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