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The curious case of the Jiutepec Clay

By Maison Numen

Like any great discovery, Luis Vega came up with the Jiutepec clay series after an unexpected event. A client wanted to have a product made from clay, but he found there was a deficiency in the material, because it chipped very easily, and it wasn’t completely impermeable. That’s when his experienced artisans told him about the clay from Jiutepec.

Juitepec is a region famous for its clay, and the crafts that have developed around it. Finally, after various experiments, Luis developed the perfect combination of Juitepec clay and conventional stoneware. The outcome was a lead-free, stoneware friendly, sturdy mix that was suitable for high-temperature firing. As a result, Vega made his client happy and set the ground for the Juitepec Series’ development.

The rest is history (a story you can learn about in the video above).

We can’t get enough from these fascinating stories, in the end, that’s what Maison Numen is all about.

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