A beautiful object dazzles us. A flawless technique moves us. An honest story brings us closer to mankind. A Maison Numen object is the perfect mix of beauty, technique and tradition.
Create meaningful moments with your friends, give objects with soul.




The Making of Troels Flensted decorative bowls

By Maison Numen

Troels Flensted graduated from Central Saint Martins in London in 2014 and moved back to his native Copenhagen to set up his experimental design studio in Denmark. Here is where he makes, with one assistant, his award-winning poured decorative bowls. To clarify, these pieces are made from mineral powder and water-based acrylic polymer; Flensted adds drops of pigment to this mix,  creating patterns that are unpredictable.


Don’t miss the hypnotizing process in the video above!


At Maison Numen we are fascinated by each decorative bowl we get from Troels Flensted; in fact, not one piece looks like the other, making each one completely unique.


Flensted’s work is often minimalistic in its shape; as a result, these organic weaves make a beautiful contrast with the clean lines of each plate.

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