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Indigo Tie Dye Placemat Set IV

55.00|4 pieces|Made in El Salvador


This unique square Indigo Tie Dye Placemat Set of 4 pieces is a wonderful addition to any home. This tie-dye placemat set is colored with organic indigo pigments and handmade by talented female artisans in El Salvador from sustainable materials. With its subtle design and deep color, this tie-dye placemat set will accent your setting, and empower women in El Salvador in the process.

Product Dimensions

L:50 x W:37 cm


Indigo and White


100% Cotton

Made In

El Salvador



Welcome the rich, unique blue of natural indigo pigments into your life with this Indigo Tie Dye Placemat Set from Bluetiful. Talented female artisans from El Salvador hand made and hand dyed this napkin ring set, with stunning results. Transform your spaces and distinguish your setting with the natural magic of organic indigo.

Humans have celebrated indigo pigments throughout history. We’ve used it to dye textiles a deep, distinctive blue for millennia. Due to its rarity, societies have traditionally reserved indigo for royalty, nobility and religious figures. Extracted from the Indigoferra plant, indigo dye played an important role in ancient Mesoamerican culture. Indigenous cultures, however, only produced small amounts of the dye. In contrast, Spanish colonizers expanded indigo production hugely when they arrived in Central America. Europeans loved the rich blue hue of indigo, and were keen to export it back home. They built huge plantations and produce massive amounts of the dye. They then exported it to wealthy foreign economies, such as the USA. Denim’s distinctive blue originally came from indigo pigments, which was harvested in El Salvador’s highlands.

While synthetic indigo has largely replaced organic indigo, El Salvador still feels the imprint of history. Plantations still have indigo baths – where the dye was extracted – in their fields. The nation’s economy is also still dealing with these ghosts from the past. Centuries of plantation agriculture and extensive export have left their mark. Most notably, the magic of organic indigo is still strong in Salvadoran culture. Design studio Bluetiful knows this magic, and creates gorgeous decor pieces using organic indigo pigments. Talented female artisans expertly created this tie Indigo Tie Dye Placemat Set with locally grown, organic indigo dye.

Bluetiful empowers women who struggle with the poverty, violence and insecurity that El Salvador suffers from. The brand knows that an employed woman is an empowered woman. With a good wage and skilled work, women can rise out of poverty. The positive impact spreads through their families and communities. Each woman employed by Bluetiful learns a specific skill, such as sewing or dyeing. This improves production and ensures high quality.

While El Salvador’s massive indigo plantations don’t exist anymore, Bluetiful ensures indigo still plays an important role. They keep the expertise and knowledge of generations alive through their work. Moreover, they support small, local organic indigo farms. The results are unique, rich decor pieces with a story to tell, that are sure to distinguish any home.


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