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Molcajete With Wood Base

$129.00|2 pieces|Made in Mexico


This handmade Mexican molcajete with a wood base represents the Mexican traditions of volcanic stonework in a sophisticated way. Indeed, use them to crush your herbs, spices, and of course avocado! Plus, they’re pretty enough to leave out on the counter when not in use.

Mexican artisans made this molcajete with wood base by hand, using only sustainably sourced wood from trees that no longer bear fruit. In addition, each piece, including the wood base, is crafted from extremely durable wood and volcanic stone. Finally, they’re polished with olive oil to moisturize the surface and bring out the beautiful color and grain pattern.

Embellish your table or kitchen counter with this unique handmade homeware.

Product Dimensions

Mortar: 5.91 inches, Woodbase: 9.84 inches


Gray with black speckled and brown


Volcanic rock and Tzalam wood (Caribbean Walnut)

Made In



Mexican Artisans

Embark on a transformative journey within your living space with the exquisite molcajete—a masterfully crafted piece by Mexican artisans, complete with a wood base. Meticulously handcrafting this traditional Mexican mortar ensures that it not only elevates your table setting but also guarantees a shower of compliments from your guests.

Venturing into the historical roots of stonework, we uncover a tradition that traces its origins back to pre-colonial times. Skilled artisans transformed an array of stones, including volcanic rock, obsidian, jade, and onyx, into exquisite idols and temple reliefs. However, the arrival of the Spaniards in Mexico brought about a profound shift. They introduced new tools and technologies, ushering in an era of advancements in the art of stone carving. Consequently, artisans began incorporating more intricate relief work into church facades, government buildings, and private residences.

Seamlessly transitioning to Maison Numen’s distinguished line of volcanic stone products, it becomes evident that their collaboration with artisans in Tecalli, Puebla, stems from unwavering dedication. Tecalli, translating to “stone” in the Nahuatl language, stands as a historical town with significant importance as a center for stone carving. Nestled in a region abundant in volcanic stone, onyx, and specific marble varieties, Tecalli remains a thriving hub for preserving this timeless craft.

Your purchase of the molcajete with a wood base transcends the mere acquisition of a cultural artifact. You actively contribute to the sustained preservation of an ancestral craft tradition, consequently enhancing the lives of Mexican artisans and their families. Proudly showcasing this remarkable piece in your home, you seamlessly experience the harmonious fusion of history, craftsmanship, and functionality—an embodiment of cultural richness and timeless artistry that captivates both the eye and the soul.


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    This original piece would be perfect for my house parties.

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