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Multicolor Guatemalan Rug

$349.00|Made in Guatemala

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This rich 100% wool Guatemalan rug is handmade by skilled artisans using traditional techniques. The design melds these ancient hand-weaving practices with modern forms, creating a truly contemporary Guatemalan rug that embodies the past whilst meeting the needs of the present. With its bright colors and traditional technique, this Guatemalan rug is a wonderful addition to the modern home.

Product Dimensions

L: 53.54x W: 30.31 inches


Cream, Turquoise, Pink, Yellow, Orange and Light Green



Made In



Guatemalan Artisans

Distinguish your setting and light up your home with this gorgeous Guatemalan rug. Handmade by talented artisans from Guatemala, with traditional techniques, this Guatemalan rug is one of a kind. Infuse your spaces with some Guatemalan culture and a big dash of color with this Guatemalan rug, and enjoy the compliments.

Guatemala has beautiful landscapes, breathtaking cultures and a rich heritage. As a result, visitors today love the delicious food, soulful music, lush forests and stunning Mayan ruins. They are also surprised and delighted by the traditional dress, or ‘traje’, that many Guatemalans still wear. This attire holds great importance for those who wear it: it communicates cultural heritage, local belonging and artisanal skill. Each village produces its own unique style, and creates its own unique designs. The luckiest visitors to Guatemala get a chance to watch as weavers work to create these beautiful textiles.

Women traditionally gather to weave in public places. They often do it under the shade of a big, old tree, in the center of a village. The weavers loop their backstrap looms around the trunk, then pull the device taught. They then secure the device around their back, which is where the loom gets its name. Weavers sit on the ground and talk, sing and laugh as they interlace brightly colored threads again and again. They build the fabric out from their torso, back towards the trunk of the tree. It is due to this that locals say they ‘give birth’ to their work.

Guatemalan weavers work with backstrap looms very similar to those used by their Mayan ancestors, 1200 years ago. They also use equally ancient techniques, which they’ve inherited through the generations. Locals have developed their own styles over the centuries, leading to unique designs. Despite this, Guatemalan weavers produce work which is stylistically and culturally united. Common designs include geometric patterns, stripes, flowers, birds and animals. Some of these are due to weavers collaborating with embroiderers, who brocade the textiles. As a result, they create even more refined, gorgeous and unique fabrics.


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    It’s softer than what I was expecting, which is great because I use it as a bedside rug. The colors make me feel energetic and the texture makes me feel cozy in the mornings.

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