A beautiful object dazzles us. A flawless technique moves us. An honest story brings us closer to mankind. A Maison Numen object is the perfect mix of beauty, technique and tradition.
Create meaningful moments with your friends, give objects with soul.

Bi Yuu’s Soulful Handwoven Wool Rugs

By Maison Numen

Marisol Centeno is the founder of Bi Yuu. She designs beautiful contemporary handwoven wool rugs with rich craft heritage.


She has been around threads since she was a child. Her vision of how a product should age, gracefully, beautifully, is the backbone of her brand and is a clear consequence of being taught how to sew at such an early age, by her own grandmother. Her generation did not know about synthetic materials and only worked with organic yarns.


Growing up touching these threads plants a seed in your heart, one that grew beautifully through Marisol’s fingers.


We have great respect for her work, and the gorgeous handwoven wool rugs Bi Yuu makes.


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