A beautiful object dazzles us. A flawless technique moves us. An honest story brings us closer to mankind. A Maison Numen object is the perfect mix of beauty, technique and tradition.
Create meaningful moments with your friends, give objects with soul.

Marisol Centeno on a regular day creating home accents

“We always keep our eyes open for trends that match our identity” Marisol Centeno

6:00 – My day starts very early – I really love getting an early start! I wake up and have a cup of coffee to activate my senses.

7:15 – This is the time when I get to the office on days that I want to work in silence – to plan things we have to get done that day and revise the material.

8:30 – The rest of the staff arrives at the office and we plan the activities of the day together. We analyze the technical specifications of the new orders of our home accents, and how to go about their production. We do a stock check of the raw material in deposit and every color we need.

10:00 – We e-mail the data sheets with these technical specifications to artisans to process our orders. They don’t usually have internet access, so sometimes we will invest a lot of time trying to reach them over the phone [giggles]

11:00 – Time to start making calls to artisans to discuss each order and datasheet, one on one. Only by working closely can we achieve the results that we desire.

12:00 – We send the data sheets to our production manager to review our home accents stock and materials assigned to each artisan, ensuring that they have what they need and all work can go ahead.

13:00 – Lunch Time!

14:00 – We begin our afternoons with discussions on social media strategies. We are always hunting for new trends and references for upcoming collections, as well as finding material that will interest and engage our followers.

16:00 – With the artisans working and our social media strategies established, we usually have meetings to discuss new projects, create mood boards, or receive new customers. We work closely as a team, benefiting from each other’s insights and creativity.

17:00 – The late afternoon is a great time to review new materials and do some testing with them. We’ve usually worked flat-out all day, and getting into some simple, creative fun is a nice way to counterbalance that.

Some days are reserved for labeling if a collection is due soon. We take advantage of all the tools we have to expand our horizons.

18:00 – Our day comes to an end and everyone departs, to come back nice and fresh in the morning.

Sometimes we’re like a home accents studio, sometimes like an office, sometimes like a classroom. We’re always creating, though!

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