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Yellow Glazed Tamegroute Candle Holder Set

79.00|2 pieces|Made in Morocco


These handcrafted candle holders come from the Southern Moroccan village of Tamgroute (or Tamegroute), where skilled potters practice local techniques that have been passed down through generations. The distinctive green glazes, ranging from earthy olives to rich pines, are the result of variations in a carefully calibrated traditional mixture of magnesium, copper oxide and barley flour.

With their unique forms, vibrant colors and the heavily grained glaze, these ceramic candle holders strike a perfect balance between art and design; the embodiment of a unique and long-lived craft which is still going strong.

These Tamegroute candle holders are unique due to their artisanal nature as they are entirely made and decorated by hand. For this reason, the piece you receive at home may be dissimilar in some minor aspects from what you see in the picture.

Product Dimensions

D:8 x H:15 cm


Camel Hues



Made In



Moroccan Artisans

Infuse your home with some tasteful foreign flavor with this beautiful yellow glazed Tamegroute candle holder set. Handmade by skilled Moroccan artisans, this Tamegroute candle holder’s timeless style is the perfect accent for your table setting and is sure to get compliments from guests.

This handcrafted yellow glazed Tamegroute candle holder set comes from the Southern Moroccan village of Tamegroute. It has historically served as a center for learning and creating. Since the 16th century, the village has played host to a large number of workshops. Here, every generation practice, perfect and pass down traditional pottery techniques.

The makers obtain Tamegroute clay from particular caves around the village; then they delicately knead it underfoot to prepare it for use. The African sun dries the pieces, then they cover them in uniquely vibrant glazes. For the firing process, they use traditional stone ovens; consequently, they burn particular mixtures of grasses, dried palm fronds, and wood to produce that dense, dark smoke. The scratches on the surface or imperfections in the construction; are a testament to the artisanal production methods and unique nature of each piece.

The founders of the religious brotherhood Nasiriyya wanted to raise the status of the village of Tamegroute; that is to say to make it a city. They assembled the merchants and craftsmen that they had brought from Fes, a city that enjoyed good relations with Tamegroute at the time. However, today Tamegroute is a little village again, but the pottery has become its main characteristic. Except for a few ochre shades, a green glaze is a dominant color in pottery from Tamegroute. As with Fes Zelliges, and even more so, the ancient techniques give the glaze infinite variations.


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