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Inside a ceramics Workshop in Caracas

By Maison Numen

In a pottery workshop in northeast Caracas, Marielisa Muller works relentlessly with two other young potters: Úrsula D’Amico, aka Caraqueña de Chuao, and Cecilia Guevara.


“The workshop is really beautiful and a mini oasis in this chaos,” explains Muller quite accurately, locals can’t imagine what lies inside the walls of this house of Los Chorros. A soaring double-height living room welcomes you to their sanctuary, you can see it from the garden outside, because of the glass walls, they also let plenty of natural daylight in.


This living room works as a showroom, with deviled masks hung on its walls -by Caraqueña de Chuao-, and plenty of Marielisa’s and Cecilia’s pieces neatly placed on wooden tables and bookshelves. But the real treat is watching them work on the second floor from that same living room, their station is more industrial looking than the rest of the house, giving an interesting second dimension to it.


The knowledge they share during their working sessions is priceless. The three of them have a graphic design background, fills their heads with fantastic references, and out of the box ideas, like the Magic Mushrooms Marielisa makes! She was inspired by a life form which has fascinated her for many years and which she believes has fantastic potential. She was also interested in exploring the soft curves of a mushroom’s fleshy body evoking sensual semi-human forms.


You’re welcome to have a tour of the workshop in the video above, and check out their pieces in the related products slideshow below.

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